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Twenty Dollar Rock Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Twenty Dollar Rock Lyrics

Selling dimes, Selling nickels to the junkies on my track
Get my, Get my dick sucked with the club slugging crack
Selling dimes, Selling nickels to the junkies on my track
Selling dates, Selling seals, selling twenty dolar rocks [x2]

[Verse 1: Dylan Ross]
My bout to salas pick up what I need
Roll back to Fogtown I’m the distribution service
As I get angrier I kick ruder verses and it’s evident to me you’re not a G if metal make ya nervous
And if that does my squad will
All I know is get angry
Pop pills
Pop trunk and get real
I keep it swanging like a fifth wheel
I’m moving work you wanna job I’m on my management like Big Keel
I keep it trill and only fuck with big face bills
Only thing up in me demonic tendencies and you wanna see me get it so ill
Clean up the steel right before I kill
Step into the dungeon and I bet you onion is all that you smell
Hell compared to me you all defenseless
You wanna keep me out your area you better build some taller fences
I built this pipeline in all directions
I’m stacking so many chips you could mistake it for a paw collection


[Verse 2: Dylan Ross]
Once again it me, Big D nowison
It’s the killer for Cuyahoga and I’m landing on yo dome
Breaking in yo home
Rubbery keeps me strong
Smoked out, Lokked out killas in the steamer all day long
Wanna test my pimping cultivate you sip the joan
Clutching on my chrome when I’m burning a mystic zone
Coming hard with Pizza Click you know I’m not alone
Pants sagging when I’m zagging harder than a bone
The evil shit I’m grown on the central coast I roam
Already got yo casket filled before I touch you with this tone
You wanna do some business hit me on the burner phone
If not I’m leaving pieces of you scattered across the lawn
My extension is long and my arm and hammer strong
I’m rolling fat neck junts till the break of dawn
You wanna pose a threat and test my nuts you guessed me wrong
I’m flipping crucifixes over just to make it known
So what’s up joan

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