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Murder Show Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Murder Show Lyrics

I'm getting high so I can laugh at the murda show
That I'ma start when I cock my Glock and let it go

[Verse 1: Dylan Ross]
Straight up out the gate
I got a body full a hate
And had to wait up on the bridge so get the fuck up out my way
Because I’m back
I’m whipping like and I’m bumping like a homicidal lunatic
And ripping and flipping it over like a crucifix
I’m moving in this ruder manner wid to get the ornament
A hood against the wood in the center see
I let demonic entities enter me when I’m clicking on a mystical vision
I’m bout to turn into a I don’t even I don’t even
A millimeter man I’m into a [?] ana cannon
If I really want your head then I could have it I’m a savage
Whipping advisory advocate I’m questioning the advocate
I’m mad as a monk is when I’m sliding in the batter bitch
But it don’t even matter how I make everyone scatter
Bout to get her wetter
So I’m bout to put her in the pentagram
And let her get a little energy to get her going
She going knowing that she knowing but I applaud her adamless
I’m manic automatic with the static
And I’m stacking acting like the ripper
How to breaking budda in the cabin
I’m polluting proper gamut
Gotta have it
Gotta stang and gotta have it when I rub and dab it
If you understand it
So I’m clicking like a skitzophrenic in a panic
Living in an addict
With a Skelton on the mattress
I’m handsomer than Dylan flicking like cunninglinus
If you want it then bring it I meet you or leave you defeated and really feel the meaning
All then while I’m chopping so hard that you think I’m mumbling
I’m "Runnin-n-Gunnin" tommy wright III im loving it
I thought I had another clip but It don’t even madder
When I’m madder then I’m burning resolution like a dragon
When I’m breathing imma heat em
And I’m preaching either reaching for the heater to get even
Annd I need it now
Rozz Dyliams and I come straight from the Northwest bitch
Can you hear the instrumental now


[Verse 2: K-Fix]
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