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To The Afterlife Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – To The Afterlife Lyrics

[Verse 1: Dylan Ross]
Tell me, can you get with this pure wicked shit?
Murder you without an alibi but I got hella witnesses
This world is nothing more than an abyss of piss and shit
If God were real, then all I'd ask him for is ignorance
Exercising my freewill to justify my innocence
If you truly deserve to die, the homicide is victimless
The rage of a child of ether is infinite
Let the beheaded bodies decompose in the wilderness
Fangs snappin' down on your neck like a wilderbeest
Concisely confess to a murder and then I killed the priest
Now who wanna absolve me
Even the most advanced criminal psychologists couldn't solve me
I make you crawl my halls of illusions on fallen knees
And let you see what your life would have been if you had followed me
So won't you follow me into the dark
And let the sermon of ether pour over your body and soak your heart

Busters act like Superman but bullets be your Kryptonite

[Verse 2: Dylan Ross]
If you want to take me out the game, you better murder me
I won't make the burner squeeze, I'd rather put a curse on thee
I will have you laying flat out on gurney, G
I will have you hanging from your ankles on a burning tree
I ain't shit got to lose
I ain't got shit to prove
I ain't got shit to say
About who said what about you
Cause I'd rather be sweatin' up on the block gettin' revenue
What the cheddar do
It could change you
Rearrange you and violently derange you
Really all the same shit cocaine do
It'd be a shame if you let money eliminate you
Straight truth, even though I hate you
I'd rather see you suffer alone than do what they do
Open up your mind and body, let the hate through
Ouija, are you with me? Or will I have to make you?
I will disintegrate into a billion particles of bitterness
And go into your body when the bass boom
For memory and sentiment, I got no tolerance
I'm in the belly of the beast, I'm 'bout to swallow hollow tips

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