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Nixon Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Nixon Lyrics

I got this Nixon on my wrist
Nixon on my neck
Bandana on my face
Bandana on my tech
Eliminate authority
I never show respect
There’s a chance I’d let you live but I wouldn’t place a bet [x2]

[Verse 1]
John Benae Rambo
I’m smashing through with the manhole cover remover that’s in my hand yo
Swinging down like a lumber axe
Turn a Cracker Jack into lumber as I shuffle cards in the other hand
I’m the fucking man
Treat a woman with respect cause I got me the morals of Richie Cunningham
But I’m a roundabout as much as is older brother
Popping like a soda bubble the industry don’t owe me nothing
And neither do you
I swoop through
In a mandarin when alt with H bomb
Like fuck you and fuck John Golf
Come see me or have a talk with me
I’m burning blunts up in the lodge bitch fire walk with me
And I see in 3-D when I’m off Yippie
Fresh up out the dog pound with my dog skippy
In the hoopty with a Little Betty boop
One to Sixty riding clean is never fun that’s why I’m always stil

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