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Victim Of A Stang Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Victim Of A Stang Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Creepin' out the motherfucking cut like "Whats up, junt?
Put the money in the bag and fold it up like a calzone"
Eenie meenie minie moe, I'm scopin' busters with my tone
Bitch, it's 1996, I'm zaggin' harder than a bone
Pizza Click is on another level, when I'm in a mystic zone
I'm fresh up out the crazy home and lurkin' on that ass
Drop it off real fast or you goin' to catch a blast
From the killer in the mask, demons won't leave me alone
'Til I'm grown to this evil shit, I'm hopin' I get stoned
Having visions of me writing underneath the tombstone
It's the life of a psychopathic lunatic
I'm thinkin' all the voices in my head are now the voices on the phone
The blast I'll make you catch is so ridiculous
Leave you burning like a Norseman floating on the River Styx
I'ma show you who's the boss, I'ma show you who's the bitch
I'ma slay you and display you on a fucking crucifix
Homicidal maniac, som' like Johnny, if you will
Need to kill and paint the walls with your blood when it spill
What's the deal? What's the deal? Jump up if you got some nuts
I'ma slice you from your sternum to your motherfuckin' butt
All this anger can't contain, ridin' with that plastic thang
Blow your brains up out your skull, now you a victim of a stang mane
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