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A Glass Of Water Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – A Glass Of Water Lyrics

Front me a glass of water, bring a river back [x4]

[Verse 2: Dylan Ross]
The pit boss of rap bitch pay it respect
I bet you couldn't even hang with the chain on my neck
I claim to my set to the A cypher family and the volunteerz
And you and me will not ever change the fact that I'm here
Never call Vladimir will blow you out the stratosphere
I bet you couldn't even hear me with some rabbit ears
I bust a gat up here
It don't get lonely at the top and since I'm at the fucking top
It don't get sad up here
So lately I've been reading boroughs trying to find a purpose
It's probably scarier than black guys that make you nervous
I'm the white sheep capri children of the corn
I am the thing that comes after the calm before the storm
I'm dirt born and dirt poor
And lower middle class
I get on a track and show naked ass
D Ross got talent and drive
I talently drive the talent deprived to suicide
[Front me a glass of water, bring a river back]
You might get money but I got a bigger stack
I'm changing my name so call me Dilly Madoff
If rap was a game I made it to the playoffs
I go hard when you and your crew stay soft
Like Snuggie detergent my dick stay off
My shit lay off
You've been rhyming for twenty years
Face the facts that its never gonna pay off

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