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Tea Leaves Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Tea Leaves Lyrics


[Verse 1]
Dylan Ross the man that sound wrecker
But I stay slept on like the champion sound record
I flow better cause I keep my rap analog
I smoke a blunt listen to the Zappa catalog
I usually am blazed on my couch
Till I get the hankering and then I kick a rhyme out
Put an emcee in the corner like time out
And he coming back to me with the diss
I doubt
It's pretty sad to not know what I'm bout
Just pure innovation from out my mouth
Dylan Ross got Mint like listerine
To keep a fan base honking like Mr. T
So let it be known that I pity the full
If he don't understand that I keep it gritty and cool
Original flowing up city in blue
And if we on the same page I will kick it with you


[Verse 2]
I don't care about the critiques you tossing at me
Cause I make a lot of green like Moss on a tree
I'm the boss of the beat whenever I'm beast mode-ing
Life consist of music and weed rolling
I try to keep it positive like ninety percent
When I look back on the past years and the time I spent
And how I finally evolved to this
So whack rappers I'ma drown em' all in piss
I put words on a tape like caution
You might keep it cool but I keep it straight awesome
Dylan Zachariah Ross is my whole name
And I'm bout to go Samma crossky on this whole game
I'm not a player
The rhyme sayer is quite greater
I stay paid I'm on stage with a light saber
Paper shredding all standards so follow on
As I kick a brilliant collection of sleepy hollow songs
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