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Marine Life Details Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Marine Life Details Lyrics

Can you not get with this
Wicked wicked wicked shit
Evil voodoo all I ever do whenever i do this shit
Fucking with double put you in a grave killa trouble you just might get broomstick bitch
Kylee Krozz the boss descending dementia avenue with crucifix
Step up inside of my home sweet home to get some shelter from the lightning and rain
It's the only out breed left with head trauma inside of my brain
Psychopathic mane cut you up and sew you back together like it isn't a thing
It's the one and only burning angel deciding the universe and I've been bringing the pain
1991, 1991 treat the world like a damn guinea pig
Say I care about people's feelings but I'm a liar I don't give a shit
Callous and real unemotional
Since I was a youngin and ever since
Put her on a stroll til she walk a damn hole in her sole cause its what Dylan said
If a dog wanna bark back hit her with your fucking hand right in the head
Break her off with an Odwalla some baby wipes and a box of sudafed
Break the loser in call her an ugly un-interesting dumb stupid head
Six stoves in the house of the G everybody cooking where they do it at
Maybe it's cause I saw my mom get hit when I was younger
Maybe it's cause I liked certain things that help me deal with the problem
I don't love ya
I don't trust ya
Run up on me and I'll bust ya
I got paranoia thoughts inside my brain that tell me to gut ya
Like a fish like I always wished
I don't like ya
I despise ya because you remind me humans are wishy-washy
Pieces of shit
I hate ya
Can't wait to
Fuck you up and disintegrate ya
Seventeen found decapitated cause I'm a killer it's just my nature
Fuck with me and I'll peel your face up
Its surgery all night and day cause
I am the wicked shit
I'm scary enough don't need to wear no makeup
Emergency von Frankenstein
I kill the world just like I should for what it is and what it was and what it did to Ryan Wood
So I gotta watch you bitches slowly die
Brain built like a damn oberheim
O.B you don't know me but you act like it thats why Dylan wrote the rhyme
I don't care about anybody's feelings
I don't even care about only mine
Homicidal fantasies ease pain, help pass time and to unwind

Marine Life Details
Tell me what it is you see at the bottom of the ocean when your breathing stops
Oh my god he doesn't know how to swim
Marine Life Details
Tell me what it is you see at the bottom of the ocean when your breathing stops
Somebody! Help! He doesn't know how to swim!
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