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Sylvia Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Sylvia Lyrics

Somebody get this crazy motherfucker a doctor
Rozzy blastin on imposters
I just want to watch you bleed and make you suffer
I dont have any intention to rob you
The words that come out of your mouth and your actions
Are what turn you into a victim
But most of yall committing suicide
With what you put in your body anyway so
Lick a shotta
When i look at myself in my reflection it start to stigmata
Mental breakin, losin patience
Im bout to do a non-elective operation on ya
Bout to change my name to medical gauze rozz
I bandage all the traces, cuts, nicks and gouges
That my surgical scalpel cause ya
This isnt going how i planned
Not nearly enough rubber bands or guapa
To pay off the sap suckin mayor
And the stupid greasy knuckleheaded bitch ass coppers
Rozz is a monster dropping bombs on administrative buildings
From helicopters
Every five minutes i look out the window
For suspicious activity with binoculars
What the fuck do they want with me?
What are they looking around here for?
And who are they talking to?
Let the body parts in my basement fester
In a pile covered in motherfuckin larvae
All i wanna do is watch you wiggle
With no anesthetic as i perform as doctor
Bury the body in berea, cut your head in half
And light it on fire in parma
Fresh up out the motherfuckin mental house
Im bout to let the evilness touch up on ya
Sleepy hollow ain't got shit on what i do
To those who dont act right, potna
I dont got any ammunition
Only knives, plastic bags, and cleaning solvents
Run up on me and become a scientific body donation
Of bitchmade causes
Twenty five years on this planet
I pretty much always been guided by unforeseen forces
Tryin to get up in my brain
And see what makes me tick and click
And all other kinds of dumb shit
The same thing that causes my mental anguish
Is at the root of the mental malfunction
Sylvia, you gotta believe me
Its a misdiagnosis
They did it on purpose
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