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Drip Battery Test Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Drip Battery Test Lyrics

Step into this mystic zone and feel the hydrashock from tone
Call my little brother on the mobile phone say Nowison
Coming up out of the House of Drip in the damn burgundy century
Gripping the chrome
And I got some much ana that if I had anything other than insanity I’d be gone
Fuckin’ with the killas at the Pizza Click you wrong
Split you down the middle of yo ass like a thong
You can not handle the evil we bringing it straight to the W
busta ass clones
Easy how the millimeter make em’ disappear
Rollin up the buddah for the cuppa dubba clear
eenie meanie minie moe
I can smell the fear
Of a busta who don’t wanna hang it off the chandelier
I got the dutches in my clutches so I roll the blunt
If you bustas out of line then you gon’ meet my deadly junt
Stanging like a bumblebee on steroids with the mask and pump
All you see all over the floor is shotgun shells and guts and such
I stay stocked up
Ready rocked up
With ancient runes in stones
This handsomeness will never stop as I keep going joan
Haters all up in me
Erupting out of the cut with the cutlery
All alone other than Pizza Click as my damn company
Step to the floor if you really think you can get buck with me
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