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Sewed And Groomed Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Sewed And Groomed Lyrics

Yeah Yeah
It's uh Three One Three AM right now
That's just a little thank you
To everybody in Detroit that likes my music
Everybody else too
Handzum Handzum
Can I get everyone to go
Along to the track now go
I'm gonna start rappin'

[Dylan Ross]
Comin' thru with a big room and a wide tone
Keep a honey dip dipped in a tri cone
We can watch all six all night long
I don't care if you wanna do it with the lights on
Let me offer the perfect rhyme at night song
Slithering up to you like a python
I know I'm not what you want
But I'm what your life wants
I'm in the game for debauchery not to right wrongs
Never trust the history of a white thong
Never get lost in her eyes for long
I'm looking for a little scary mystery girl
Don't try to wet me up as if I was a Jheri Curl
A fist face full of infatuation you can call it
We can dance and Imma be very feral
I'm very feral
Peep the way I borrow
Up through every crack in your city and every borough
I would recommend you listen to another artist
But that just means I wouldn't get my motherfuckin' checks
I'm conflicted emotionally and rationally
About other people also and shit with me
Can't get with me
I'm all alone conducting
A grand symphony
Bet he's fucking like ducklings
All around me but I'm grounded
From Lake Eerie to the pungent sound heavily hounded
Druid upbringing; well rounded
So when I pound it I guarantee you'll be spell bounded
How the hell you want it
I'm being honest
Later I can come over and wipe you down with Comet
All about this
Bump it, Bounce it
Back to 99' you can't stop the bum rush
And if you want some, If you want some hush
I can read what you want whether it's dark or dusk
Jet Set radio with the sonic bust
And a total boom
Life in an oval room
The engineer says he needs my vocals soon
But he's gonna mix me off like an old buffoon
He's gonna get so bruised
I'm bringing total doom
Back alleys in the dark throwin' rooms
Paper not really all too thick but I'm sewed and groomed
I might of known the bride but I don't think I know the groom
I'd like to find some paper soaked in fluid if I can't soon
You can find us soon as you walk in the house in the right hand room
I don't have shit to say about you but if you give me a reason
I can do if I have time after what I have to do
What I have to do now
What I have to do now is just..ya know ignore everything
Break out the glass on em' last
And a big pile of dutchess
Split it open
Down the middle
Like an autopsy
But not a Y shaped incision
No. We don't want that
Not at all
No..wait just roll this shit really smoothly
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