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Angel Juan Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Angel Juan Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Where did you go my love
You are not below nor are you above
Cause you roam anywhere you please
I'm crawling on glass on my hands and my knees
Moving on just isn't my steez
I'm as hollow as the sound of the wind through the trees
I just wish you told me that you had a plan to leave
But maybe you didn't have a plan and it was something you thought you needed
But what's the reason
You got me searching for a meaning
And questioning my beliefs and anything that I believed in
I'm getting colder and older with every season that passes
And I'd rather be lost at sea than have you see me grieving
Every evening my bed gets emptier without you inside it
All I wonder is where the hell are you now residing
Do you see what you're missing in me or is it my fervent passion for you that has you questioning whether I'm it

Searching everywhere to find you
Praying to my God that I find you
I've been looking everywhere for a clue
If I look hard enough it'll come true
All that I am missing is you
And I want you more than you ever knew
All I ever wanted is you
I don't want anything shiny or new

[Verse 2]
As I look up at the ceiling focusing on a spot
I'm hearing ticking throught a house without any clocks
I'm getting madder with every second that goes by
You had your reasoning but I just wanna know why
I feel like you'd rather be with me on a cold night
If I don't find you now I'll continue my whole life
Heartbeat like a strobe light heavy and banging fast
I imagine you surrounded by picture frames in France
Couldn't get over what I thought was only maybe chance
But my memories in the fire so the flames can dance
And at this point I'm well aware I can not save the past
And my emotions are as relevant as Baby Bash
I spend a lot of time hiding behind a jason mask
And stormy weather forever if I can make it last
If you were here I wouldn't even wait to ask if you love me like I love you because I'm In a rush to say it fast

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