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Never Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Never Lyrics

I never felt
I never felt
I never felt this way [x3]

[Verse 1]
Pick the break up
Switch up
Switching to a killer as soon as the beat pick up
Into overdrive
Going LIVE smack my bitch up
Rozz planet ship
Planet switch and I’m swift like a ninja
With a kick of doom
Blunts make me happier than people and that’s just the truth
I vow to command the rhythm that get your body in the mood
On the move
All around
Love the way that you get down
Trapped inside
Of my sound til you drown
Galeforce Beach was so profound
It’s like I’m back there now
But Rozzy keep it going
Keep it moving like a foster child
So damn wild
If you don’t fuck with me it’s cause your bitch ass is in denial
Mix a style
Mash it up and hit like Gile
Seven mile wide smile
Ear to ear
When I hear a sound like this that make me feel so warm inside my heart my dear
I get inside my deepest fear
But fear is non-existent here
I never felt this way before today
Everything’s so clear

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