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Nervous Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Nervous Lyrics

What you nervous for? No one will ever ever know [7x]

[Verse 1]
I can put you on the track, I can put you on the house
I can put you in the bud, I can put you in my mouth
I can take you to my bed chamber and gently lay you down
And shut all of my curtains just to keep the world out
I do whatever I want, I go up and I go down
I can feel every shuttle shiver and sound that you let out
I can read your thoughts before you can act them out
Creeping on the stout, leaving this figure is what I'm bout
Four poster bed, canopy and silk rope
Freaky ass mane got you wrapped in my coat
I’ll let you wander the halls of the castle in my robe
And watch in the corner as you get taken by a ghost
With the drambuie and the glenlivet I toast
I love your body but I love your pheromones the most
Let me be the explanation as to why you're soaked
I take care of your needs then I vanish in the smoke

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