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Dis Sound Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Dis Sound Lyrics

People, come on
People, get on the moon
People, come on
People, get on the move now

Dis sound is the dibby dibby sound
(Yeah bitch it's all about love)

[Verse 1]
Young ryder, baptized in the fire
Deep desire, to mash and get my cash higher
What you want, What you need, What you feel inside
If you get a sign make sure it isn't there to misguide ya
R O Double been dope even before they wrote The Bible
Dylan do it different than anyone who ever tried though
What you talking about I'm walking about on homicide mode
Like an atom bomb itching to make the planet brighter
Provocative player that operate outside society
Young alchemy, tell me what you gonna provide me
The sun, The moon, The stars aren't even enough to satisfy me
This sound from the underground is what I need
Visions are rolling in 1992
91' Galeforce blue golf smoking true
Whatchu really tryna do
Dylan coming with the magic then I disappear and reappear at night in front of you

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