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Kirbridge Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Kirbridge Lyrics

The first taste is always the most exciting
And the last has the most backwash
Back on earth it's all you ever seem to read about
This feeling that has everyone addicted
Destroy all the evidence and make your break for the hall
Breathe it in real slow and deep
Exhale then you withdraw
Away from it all
Away from everything
Away from it all
Away from anything that's anything

That what she saw was amazing
That what she showed him was real
The what has had to decease
Stays and haunts her still it kills
That when she took in his own hands
What we have when we were still
If I was where we were last
I would make it mine for real
The portrait flat on the dresser
The clock that hung on the wall
The clicking sound of the ghost that made his home the upstairs hall
The way it sat in the parlor
And looked at me with a grin
The way that there is a call and
You must answer than it ends
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