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House Of Drip Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – House Of Drip Lyrics

House of Drip (x12)
Won't you please come in
House of Drip (x12)
Won't you please come in

Welcome to the House of Drip won't you please
Come in look around and tell me what you see
Everything you ever wanted to be is possible with endless possibilities
These are the reasons I come from the heavens I just wanna share with you what I believe
I do not bow to authority I only bow to a higher power inside me
Like a disease I drip and I seep all over your life until you start to seize
Ashin' my trees all up in the breeze, I be the one with the mystical beans
Livin in a meadow walkin out and I dont wanna live unless I'm livin like a G and it's just you and me
Building an empire before I leave, my vessel behind and I just rhyme to keep
The time behind me, so I can think about anything other than what does it mean
A medial question that may be more meaningful pondered by multitudes other than me
Layin at the bottom of the ocean face down with enough time to swim up before I gotta breathe
All i really want is king clarity, unsurpassed by supreme divinity
As I drip throughout life as I ride as I slide down the planet I reside
Hallow be thy name it is Dylan it is I yes I'm high of the funky vibes hidden deep inside
Active since '91 I come from a different galaxy
Any way you wanna look at it I'm better than any competitor that wanna challenge me
Forks up forks down when the road forks sideways do you see where you need to be
All over the surface of the planet with a purpose and the purpose is a vision I want you to see
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