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Contusion Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Contusion Lyrics

I know you don't want a lecture
But if you can tell these bitches
Do not stand so close to me as you can see I'm under pressure
I just want to keep my family on the up and up a killer
From the dark side, sliding, gliding, riding undetected
Bullets sing throughout the area you live but it ain't me
I'd rather be the scary man that live inside your thoughts and dreams
So when you go to sleep
All you see is me, grining at you
Coming closer till I laugh and you wake up in sweaty sheets
Speaking in a language you can not remember when you wake
You look around your house and think you're going crazy hearing creeks
You notice special items that you have are not quite where you left them
Are you going crazy?
Is it time to book a doctor session?
You check your plan to see if therapy is covered, but it isn't
So you shake it off as stress and try to just forget it
But you can't, I'll see you again right when you're winding down
Welcome to the slow descend of madness when you spiral down
Eyes are growing heavy
You see shadows out the corners of 'em
If you need an answer I suggest you seek the lord above in heaven
But down here it isn't clear but I can tell you this;
I got you where I want you
Under my control of wickedness
Dylan booming wicked shit
Black monday just like Dice
I don't feel confusion
You have a contusion on your life
Cover up your mirror with the sheets to keep it out your sight
You gon have a seizure when you think about my face tonight
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