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Rubbernecking A Mirror Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Rubbernecking A Mirror Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Chilling burning naggy
Kush in the baggy
House Of Drip
Handzum boy
Ain’t I just so handz
Can you get on me
Spit on me and get nasty
Roll me up a risla b before I start to get ancy
I screw my RnB tape up so damn slow
I have the nerve to swerve over
With a whisper to make you lose control
Pentagram on swole (yeah)
Swoll Montana
Rozz Dyliams coming through this bitch
to make money and make it snow
Couldn’t break down these bars
As I’m breaking down a Honey Berry blunt
and supplying it with an eight of woah
And by the way the game is cold
Six-hundred and sixty-six degrees below
Eight below I break the mold
Young Pagan God with the crazy flow
I got a feeling a feminist cunt
Cat Cat Cat
I make it go
Along the lines of Lords of Acid as I take control
Young Dylan shit and golden diamonds ho

I am exactly everything that I want and I need
I am exactly everything that I want and I need
I know you want me but I’m so damn in love with me
I know you want me but I’m so damn in love with me [x2]

[Verse 2]
No shirt like Randy
Flipping like Candy
In the yellow H1 listening to Brandy
Full moon
So what’s up with you
Are you leaving soon
I could put you in the Circle of Salt in the secret room
Zagging through a [?]
Style mansion with apprehension
However looking like a fatal attraction
Looking like erotic hot body touching action
I will drown in my own reflection from seeing me flashing
Feeling fantastic
Volume 2 I’m Prowling to you
Orgasms and exorcise all of the demons out of you
The power of Dylan compels you to
Power over here
Letting out "Ah"s and "Ouh"s referring to you as dear
Listening to Volume 16 for the summer
Dylan doing critical numbers
As you plummet and your bank rolls under
Critical beat down
Ultra magnetic with the slumbers
All that my narcissism does is increases my hunger

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