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Love Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Love Lyrics

You can get it if you want it
Better prove it that you want it bad
I can get you seeing colors
Having visions that you've never had
What's up with that?

When I look up to the heavens
I can see a constellation
I got freakishness up in my blood
Yeah baby it's my nature
When ya saw me walkin' past ya
Did ya catch a scent of savior
Hit ya up just like Crag David
You already know the flavour
Baby Baby D gon' pick ya up
And then I take ya up to heaven
Where I let ya do whatever make you happy
My love is automatic
If you want it
You can have it
If you got the fire light it up, ignite it
Get it snappin', get it crackin'
Crackin' fault lines in the planet
When I'm rappin'
If you need me
I'll be here just waiting
With kinetic passion
No more gloomy days, or sadness
Only ever satisfaction
Holler at me if you ever need a ninja bout that action
Hah, C'mon

Rozzy get it goin'
Constant friction, force emotion
Love eternal
With the highest unconditional devotion
Baby if you comin over
Let me know around what hour
Time is just a concept
Out the window and I am in power
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