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Wolf In Sheep's Clothing (Hidden Freestyle 1) Lyrics

Ro Ransom – Wolf In Sheep's Clothing (Hidden Freestyle 1) Lyrics

[Intro: Ro Ransom]
Niggas hated on me, cause I wouldn’t be like one of them
I been counting money, fucking bitches, I don’t need new friends
Life is overwhelming, heavy is the head that wears the crown
I’d love to be the one to disappoint you when I don’t fall down

[Verse 1: Ro Ransom]
I ain't a fiend no more
My shoes like two and my jeans like 4
Been in the game since a teen like Lorde
I’m some shit that you’ve never ever seen before
Bitch I’m bout to put it down like feet on the floor
Whip like the oven bitch its heat in the drawer
I’m late like a nigga had to creep in the door
I can’t hit if it the bitch not a freak to the core
I told her sayonara, bye ho, gone, I’m leaving
Old girls want me back like LeBron in Cleveland
Odd for you to call me out, cause we’re far from even
Gone head quiet down ho, God is speaking
Got the text from Gabrielle so its on this weekend
Party shit, rebels getting into naughty shit
Tim my favorite so you know I’m going hard as shit
I got bitches passing out in the audience
We scanned your card gangsta rapper it was fraudulent
We’ll spray the cans if you niggas go starting shit
Spray the cans…starting shit
I gotta gargle Listerine when I talk my shit
And these niggas soft as manure
Bitch I’m in the game like Gon and Killua
But I’m more like Hisoka, ho step your clothes up
I'm downtown where they’ll trade choca for the coka
They don’t make em like me Testarossas
Scary niggas got all types of phobias
Labels owe us for all the years that you hoed us
So we can talk but money talks so talk more bucks
I cooled off and the phone calls slowed up
Now a nigga shining, warn the epileptics
MGz dog tags thats a precious necklace
Need a girl who talk dirty like Alexis Texas

[Hook: Ro Ransom]
You'd think we all do it the same
(She said) there's nobody like you
Godly, at the party with three gold chains
Three gold chains

[Verse 2: Ro Ransom]
How much model pussy can I eat?
I’ve had a whole dinners worth *whew* I’m beat
Your girl stopped me to take a flick in the street
If you feel some type of way nigga, mission complete
....Isn’t it neat
So many bars I imprison the beat
All black top to bottom in the sizzling heat
If you looking for the Swag Baby visit the suite
Smell me, little money repels me
Same nigga got his song stole by R Kelly
Same nigga named after Karen Filippelli
Turkey bacon egg and cheese on a bagel from the deli
Thats New York shit, I’m hard like porcelain
Bitch I’m fly, Daniel Bryan off the forklift
Bitch I’m winning this that shake it pop the cork shit
And my flow still sharp like a swordfish
Took a while to drop the tape couldn’t force it
I’m wrapped around your girls body like a corset
Dear summer I’m the hottest watch me torch shit
I'll hit it from the back like a horse kick
Welcome to my world baby get your cord clipped
She had magic box, thats a sorceress
I’m the future wake up and smell the orchids
Young Coyote fuck the hare and the tortoise
Put em in my path I'll melt them
Jewish girls got ass on the low you’re welcome
Thats secret info, I need a nympho
Cause fuck you and and anybody that you send for
Play Superman, get your cape peeled back
Leave you bent out of shape nigga straight like that
We the last of the real, I know Chase feel that
Just deposited a check I know Chase feel that
You ain't in my league or division
Dissing me is in vain like a needle incision
S-Rank got these boys in the fetal position
Cause we playing like stars thats a Beatles rendition
You prolly heard me in the Sword Art commercial, boy I know it hurts you
If she don’t fuck me I'll probably take it personal
I put my thing down flip it and reverse you
Thats a Missy reference, that was pretty effortless
Wonderland choice I’m my city’s preference
Mere mortals marvel at my witty excellence
They like I need to smoke some of that shit he messing with
Try to bring that beef to life watch how quick we dead the shit
Loading a plasma gun
I’m bad like Joe Jackson's baddest son
She got the penthouse on Madison
Her head slumped me like its anesthetic gas in my lungs

[Outro: Ro Ransom]
You make believe that nothing is wrong until you're crying
You make believe life is so long until you're dying
You make believe that nothing is wrong until you're crying, crying on me
You make believe that life is so long until you're dying, dying on me
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