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Forgiveness (Time Capsule) Lyrics

Ro Ransom – Forgiveness (Time Capsule) Lyrics

[Verse 1: Ro Ransom]
When I say fuck the rap game I mean I used to want acceptance
Fuck that feeling I left it
I remember being eleven and always feeling rejected
So getting played to the left shoulda been just what I had expected
But shit, If I passed away tonight, the city raised me right
And anyone that knew me will say that I changed they life
20 years I guess I put up an amazing fight
But I'm changing my heart is cold and my veins is ice

Man I lost a few homies, but its all good
I'm still the mufuckin man around my neck of the woods
Niggas is bustas, I should send niggas to touch ya
You getting money, I can't get none witcha then fuck ya
This for any kid who ever went through shit like me
Never got picked like me
That didn't fit in, cause of their outfit like me
Give em two birds and tell em eat a dick
I turned it around look at me now can you believe this shit
All I ever wanted was this
Sometimes I wake up saying fuck this
I done gave my life to rap
So at this point its something that I'm stuck with, but I love it
So whats up bitch, you can suck dick, I'm tired of being friendly
I don't trust nobody ho you're with me or against me
Should've never been afraid hindsight is always clearer
That's why I gotta take a look in the mirror, and say to myself


I'm sorry if I let you down
Just know what goes around, often comes back around
I forgive you for what you did
Now nigga go out there and get it how you live
I just hope that you can forgive yourself
I just hope that you can forgive yourself
I just hope that you can forgive yourself
You answer to you, and nobody else

[Verse 2: Ro Ransom]

"All The Reasons" was cool I'd never record that track again
Cause I gave up that kinda power just so you could back me in
She still ain't happy now, she wasn't happy then
That type of insecurity is some shit you've gotta factor in
When you're tryna figure out why someone you show love keeps going crazy
Or how I used to give a fuck about old hoes who played me
Not anymore, im on my motherfucking grind
I got no space to think of y'all with all this money on my mind
Either way these Uptown girls is all saying "ven aqui"
Cause I'm that nigga out in NYC
Anywhere you go from here is more than likely less than me
I'm everything these other guys pretend to be
It's game time
And at the same time, my new jawns way badder
Dress way better, asses way fatter
So I ain't mad at you, not for a second
How could you know you were letting go of a legend?

I'm sorry if I let you down
Maybe we can catch up when I come back around
I forgive you for what you did
We'll look back and say that we were only kids
I just don't know if you can forgive yourself
I just don't know if you can forgive yourself
I just don't know if you can forgive yourself
Because you know the truth...and nobody else

[Verse 3: Ro Ransom]

I gave you modesty on my first joint
Niggas lamed out
I'll show you what change bout
I could never sustain doubt, cause I'm clearing the game out
Even if we get rained out you ain't putting these flames out
I'm the fuckin' greatest, come be in touch with greatness
Too much flavor for a dick sucking publication
I gave birth to these niggas, now I'm murking these niggas
And I ain't never wore a leather t-shirt with a zipper
These rappers are sleeping on me
But thats okay cause I got a couple of models and TV actresses sleeping on me
Marc Jacobs necklace, I'm a verbal chemist
Each line's a murder sentence, Every single word's relentless
I am nothing like you've seen before
Ro Ransom is the Future grab your Ouija board
Every time I spit that shit they say they need some more
Icon or Immortal call me either or
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