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Killa Cam Lyrics

Ro Ransom – Killa Cam Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I need a documentary
Somebody tell Spike Jonze to shoot me
Call it 'Young Coyote: Money Over Hoes, The Movie'
The day Filippelli fall for a groupie
The same day Ricky Ricardo don't love Lucy
Got a couple niggas in Westport
Got a couple niggas that export
Take your weak ass game to the next court
Technical foul ass niggas, respect the sport
I'm going off like the lights when your girl is over
I used to have a bad addiction to the syrup n' soda
I don't like these fucking rappers nigga, word to Oprah
Heartbreak Kid, showstopper, curtain closer
I know niggas that hit licks
We getting' money like Pick 6
Puerto Rican bitch say she want her clit licked
I got a flu game flow, thats some sick shit

[Cam'ron clip #1]

[Verse 2]
I grew up on that Diplomatic Harlem shit
That who want a problem shit
Juelz Santana, Jimmy, Cam'ron and shit
I'm talking pink furs, pink chains, pink Range
I Really Mean It, Santana's Town, insane
We was in the hood, bugs running through the kitchen
It was nothing in the fridge then, government assistance
Check engine light on, what Imma get for christmas
One thing or the other, these were subsequent decisions
This is for my upper west side niggas
Amsterdam, Broadway, Columbus, all my live niggas
Carlos, Tim, 40, Jay Fresco, all my niggas in the plaza, Don Megalo
If you can't show respect you better act able
Always roll with Dais like a nigga at the craps table
Cherish every moment, fallen black angel
They all copy from me, unsung rap savior
New girl, flaws minor but her ass major
Woke up, left her crib, I had class later
I got family with quick tempers and fast paper
Watch your words, don't fuck around and be your last player
I'm in the hills of Santa Monica
You don't like my shit, blow me like a harmonica
I'm so 4-6 I know you see the block in us
I am the god of this shit, what is there not to trust
You rap niggas older than Tsunade
Pretty young nigga, hoes love me like Fourth Hokage
Game smoother than Sade, I'm hotter than green wasabi
On top of fresh edamame with a steaming irish latte (AH!)

[Cam'ron clip #2]

[Cam'ron clip #3]
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