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All Eyes On Me Lyrics

Ro Ransom – All Eyes On Me Lyrics

[Verse 1: Ro Ransom]
Apply everything I've learned
My fans ain't hand me nothing homie, everything I've earned
People that can't swim, should watch what bridge they burn
I don't know what rappers they like, but go tell them it's my turn
Niggas get a couple homies and start talking 'bout they team
See a couple movies and start talking 'bout they dreams
I ask them about integrity, they don't know what that means
Just know men and women speak, but everything ain't what it seem
Pain and scars
Amazing bars
Sushi edamame, nigga Asian sauce
Thirty thousand, let me see if I could break you off
If they saying time is money, then I've paid the cost
Something like a swordsman
Cutting deals, endorsements
Partner I want all of it, every single portion
Jeans imported
Me, important
Female with me, skin glowing like porcelain

[Hook: Ro Ransom]
We finna ride around
We finna ride around
We finna ride around
We finna ride around
All day and all night, everywhere that we go
All eyes on me, double cup until we slow
Man I've been a real G from the jump
I ain't never had to front
Got the woodgrain wheel if a hater trynna stunt
Real G from the jump
I ain't never had to front
Got the woodgrain wheel if a hater trynna stunt

[Verse 2: Trae Tha Truth]
I'm sittin
Off in a Bugatti the color purple
Don't trip, this ain't for me, this my bitches while she on purple
And plus this gas will leave bitches trippin' like they was Urkel
Don't worry, plus the clip of this heat the shape of a circle
We're looking like a world premier
Call it 106 & Park
Plus I'm on some other shit
Flying 106 in the dark
Laughing at bitches who chasin' after my phone numbers
Now when I get paid, my checks be looking like phone numbers
Presidential flights to Alaska just for dinner
Steak and King Crab, I'm telling you that's a winner
Or I could swap it up, cop me a personal plate
From that bitch off the greatest chefs, drinking $400 shakes
A million dollar nigga, still hood
Still thuggin' in these Levi's, tell them I'm good
To my haters, I'd like to thank you for life
And throw it up, bitch I'm a gangster for life


[Verse 3: Ro Ransom]
Playing East one triple nine
I've got money on my mind
It would be an understatement to say that my girl is fine
Dawg, they trynna beat the clock
Me, I'm trynna take my time
'Cuz I'm trynna take what's yours
Turn around and make it mine
Man I've been playing the game, you niggas blowin' the cartridge
Got my family with me and I ain't talking a partridge
Send my best regards to those who hate me regardless
Should be a Navy Colonel, I survived so many hardships
I've been through so much, ain't no tellin' what's next
Burberry cologne, that's the smell of success
Attracting your girl and repelling the threats
Making this world heaven, to hell with regrets
Now the fire I'm walking in
I guess you could say it's what I'm awesome at
Yote hails 10039, so fine, I am the talk of that
Greatest city in the world, put on for that
Somebody tell me if I'm wrong for that
I say what I feel, young nigga too real
And I bet they want me gone for that

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