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Masquerade 2015 Lyrics

Ro Ransom – Masquerade 2015 Lyrics

This ain't no masquerade to me, girl
Stop playing with a nigga, come on

[Verse 1]
You've got a couple sides you never show
You can bear it all when you're with me baby
She wanna fuck me, I can't tell her no
Cuz your body language is screaming
I might pull up, I might pull up
I might pull up, I might pull up
I might pull up on ya
Just to see what all of the talk's about
Girl, I'm four blocks from you
Don't get me started
You don't want that problem
Cause I've got that for you
I know it

If you take it off for me
I'll take it off for you
So take it off for me
Woah woah woah woah

Beep beep
Who got the keys to the loft downtown
Hit me when no one's around, uh [x2]

[Verse 2]
I heard you moved back to the city
I'm the prince of that
And I got sixteen, any nigga ain't convinced of that
In the midst of that
I might take a risk on you
Cause I've seen them jeans and I like how they fit on you
I might need you to back that back to me
You say you got a new lingerie set, you gon' have to snapchat that to me
Woo! Goddamn!
Feels like I'm on a bean on the flight back
Never had a nigga speak to her like that
Took a couple minutes just to write back
I'll wait
Play along girl, you know how I get when it's late
I'm tryna find out if you with the shits or you ain't
But when I get you alone I'ma eat you alive
Your body is killer and I got my fingerprint all on the scene of the crime


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