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98 Degrees Lyrics

Rewind – 98 Degrees Lyrics

They said I'd never make it
I was living with Jane
They told me I was crazy
I'm purely 17

[Verse 1]
It was 1:34 in the morning just got home
Had an amazing day witchua, love how we glow
Boutta knock out but then I looked at my phone
Text from you saying "Do you really want to know?"
Do I really want to know, Room temperature was warm
No ice on but my body froze, marathon on
Tip of my toes, dam I gotta know
Shit was random
Room went from black to white like Danny Phantom
Hear the Anthem

The lights, confession
Cause life got me catching a disease
But none of it matters to me
I got the lights, confessions
But I keep myself in 98 degrees
Cause none of it really matters to me
None of it really matters to me
None of it really matters to me
None of it really matters to me
You know I'm here for you, I know you're here for me

[Verse 2]
Wiped the sweat off my forehead, replied with a question mark
She said I really love you, hope this don't make us fall apart
I dialed up, she said "I don't where to start
You have the right to know you got me knocked up"
How are you pregnant? We were just caressing
I know I pulled back prior to my cousins lessons
We'll be Seventeen with a kid, no advocate
This is what I get for my dick, having happiness
I hope you joking baby cause we not ready for babies
Lost for thoughts, dropped my brain situation turned insane
How we raise a child while our parents raising us
Looked up to the ceiling asking for forgiveness
God show me the lights

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