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One Of Those Girls Lyrics

Rewind – One Of Those Girls Lyrics

I wrote this for you when I was 14
You inspired me
First time I ever got my heart broken
You know who you are

It was like a love story, love at first sight
Tried to get ha with poetry so I started to write
I was like shriek always pulled up a fight
Tried to stick to ha close, skinny jeans too tight
But shawty was a cheetah moved too quick too fast
It was like a daily race I always came last
Love is a beast the monster shouldn't be loose
Kept on a leash so my love don't get abuse
Tracking down ha love from ha house to locker
Caught ha after every bell feeling like a stocker
The way she smiled and walk proved she was unique
Had me lost for words I couldn't even speak
Confidence is my pride but around her I'm shy
So high shot me out the sky
With cupids love arrow, together we'll rise
Got her up in heaven
Usually I'm on cloud 9 but she had me on 11
So high felt like I was taking drugs
Everything looked small like a bunch of bugs
With a extra bush we can touch the stars
Begin our new life as we settle on a mars
Baby I wanna make you mine, til the day I die

She's one of those girs, girls, girls
That'll make a player retire out this game
She's one of those girs, girls, girls
So dam beautiful you'll never know she's using you
She's one of those girs, girls, girls
That'll tame you down make you go insane
She's one of those girs, girls, girls
That'll charm you and in love she'll break ya

[Verse 2:]
Rewind's the name like Tony on that grind
Take you out to Dinner come back Breakfast time
Hit the streets smack up the bar til it close
Sending shots, overdose, sweet killer like a rose
Camera pose never heard of clothes
Heating up my pockets hotter than french toast
Here's a toast, to the fact, you got it like that
With a girl like you who's to blame
Every outfit you whore any nigga saw the flames
Extinguish that fire I'm your fire-man
Baby girl's a bad chick, naught girl
Cinnamon toast crunch, she made me swirl
My eyes would drop and I would start drooling
Too cool for class cut off all the school
Now I'm teaching these girls all the things we we're doing


[Verse 3:]
Cupid shot back now it's time to reload
Let's take a trip down to the yellow brick road
Call me scare crow cuz I got no mind
Lost it since I metchu do I have to Rewind
Til this day I can't help but complain
The pain is so ill, it cuts through veins
So dam beautiful yet so bad
Way too many guys for me to add
You cheated on me played me like a game
Had so many niggas you confused my name
How can you be so cruel played me with my boy
Seemed like you were a boss and I was just an employee
Had me working over time for your joy
Locked in a box I was just another toy
Pops tried to warn me but I didn't wanna listen
Now I got a broken heart, I shouldve paid attention

She's one of those girs, girls, girls
She's one of those girs, girls, girls
She's one of those girs, girls, girls
She's one of those girs, girls, girls

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