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I'm Taking It Lyrics

Rewind – I'm Taking It Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Born in the city, raised in BK
Misplaced my thoughts but I'm looking for that brain
Wheres Waldo? Peter pan? Finding Nemo?
If you see a smart girl just know that that is mio
Still in high school taking college classes
Puff puff passing, time I'm trapping
Got that G-shock but that shit is in a cage
Hands out the frame but I'm only to blame myself
Now I'm slowly getting fame, a nigga getting popular
Niggas tryna stop 'em kids tryna copy 'em
I should be a doctor
A nigga getting vexed, broken hearts I fixed

Oh you cocky now
I'm confident, I am the shit
I'm pacing it, I'm taking it and that's it
Oh you cocky now
I'm lacing it, I'm blazing it
The game man I'm taking it, I'm taking it
Oh boy you cocky now
She caking it, I'm breaking it
Her virginity I'm taking it, I'm taking it
Oh boy you cocky now
I'm repping it, I'm spraying it
I'm painting this city man I'm taking it

Keep talking behind my back, cause my ass don't hear shit
Grinding is my life and this foreplay
Girls call me Reeses because I got that filling
Black on the outside, brown on the inside
Working straight hours for my queen like a beehive
But I don't got one, sure as hell need one
Martin Luther King ha, I see ha in my dreams mon
Lying to my parents oops I mean parent
Use to live with my father but he found another
I'm just one of dozen
Never used the stove as a toilet but my shit fresh out the oven


[Verse 3]
I run this game like temple run
If I aint the one I'm number-nun
Jaaa, get it, number nun
Where's your faith, believe in Re
Remember, December, man I had the cheddar
Why you so crusty nigga, cuz I got the cheddar
I've fingered your girl more times than you stuck your finger in blistex
She's a ticket, She's fine I hit it from behind
Rewind Alpachino nigga this world is mine,
Spit crack bars, asking when you doing time?
Throw that comet in the smoothie meng I'm blending with the stars
If you think that is all, boy you so wrong
Asking what I'm taking, Man I take it all
You aint never having 9 digits, no one give a call
I'm taking
This life, your wife, the game, the worldwide
I'm dot-coming nigga this is my domain
I remain a stain but it aint pain
Like you spilled Clorox on your clothes I'm here to stay


I'm taking it, I'm taking it
I'm taking it, I'm taking it,
I'm taking it
New Sound
We taking it, we taking it
We taking it, we taking it
We taking it
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