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Ride In My Caddy Lyrics

Rewind – Ride In My Caddy Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I asked you how where you, you said you where good
Wasn't talking bout your beautiful wonderful looks
My eyes and jaw is what you took
Dropped it all the way down, down, down to hell
Your name keeps calling me bell
My heart it's on a rampage
My blood don't call it Jackson
This is UFC fighting for your love, unknown first champion
Won't do it for the belt, I keep my weight up
Tryna get laid up
Kobe getchu a couple of rings, just don't swing
Not that mood thing
Looking for the heart of queens
That's what I want you to be
It's Rewind but you can call me king, next B.I.G
Baby ain't no biggie, just take a ride wit me

Ride in my caddy, ride in my caddy
You can call me daddy
I'm ready if you ready girl
Just come hope in my world babe
Ride in my caddy, ride in my caddy girl
Yea yea yea
Ride in my caddy, ride in my caddy girl

[Verse 2]
Sidewalk park but you drove me off
My lights were dark and you turn 'em on
Sending shots, shawty called shot gun
New Jesus piece praying they ain't gon stop us
Go at the red light so who know when that's happening
Mami's on deck, I'm driving she's the rider
I got the flashlight so lets pull an all night
Get the lighter
Sun's loosely low we gon do it til it's higher
Burning tire's street's on fire only her desires
Firefighter Kush baby got that flame
I'm fighting that fire and it's driving me insane
Burn, Spark, Light, Match up
You a Posada fan wondering if you gon catch up
Hunger strikes stick shit turns into donuts
She never gets down old, she's acting all grown up


[Verse 3]
Seatbelt strapped to your heart, ride of your life
From city day lights till broad nights
On the highway to heaven don't wanna touch the exit
Like you working out, you gotta Rep it
Do 3 sets and do it til you can't man
Keep riding with me til all the wheels fall off and
This is just my city we can cruise the whole country
49 states left, 1down we do it like it's nothing
Gas, man that's nothing fill the whole tank up
Ride in my caddy til the fuse start to stank up
Til the gears swell up til the engine can't run
Eating up the road, well done
Petal to the metal guitar on the bike
You flyer than a airplane me I'm just the kite
Condom on the movement make love to the music
If you never heard of me New Sound is how I do it

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