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Big Comfy Couch Lyrics

Rewind – Big Comfy Couch Lyrics

Early in the morning birds is chirping
These beats I'm hurting no caskets but I'm murking
In the bed in the studio every where I go
Your girl find a rodeo, ain't a cowboy but she gave me that woody
Woody peck peck, on your neck neck
On my watch yeah I watch hands move like s** s**
I'm the best and I'm next
Beat it off my chest, bent ha ass like a check
Only sign the bottom the line, let ha lips caress my
Second head that bold spot
She be like class is over, I be like no ma
(Relax baby, sit down, get in position)
And I love to milk the cow moo-moo
Gotta cut on ha leg, let me kiss that boo-boo
I'ma make it mine, squeeze it like a lime, do it fine
Break your spine, make it dutty whine
Tonight in your tights, you looking right, real right
Got that super dick but she got kryptonite
Then she blow my lights out, dynamite
When I'm in here it's cat dog, cat and dog
That pussy is a goddess praise that pussy Oh Lord!

Drop that ass to the floor, split your legs some more
Mouth wide open, back is soaking love your clock
On your chest below your waist, the dot, lick your G-spot
Teach me how to count climb my big comfy couch

[Verse 2:]
1: 00 twerk, 2: 00 twerk, 3: 00 twerk, 4: 00 twerk
5: 00 twerk, 6: 00 twerk
7, 8 watch that body break (Hann)
Hands keep moving while we keep grooving
Scratching up my back putting lotion on my c***
Slaying these chains that are tied to your bed
I'ma torture those legs you on house arrest
Have the audacity you gon see a fatality
Finish her, Ima deliver her, tongue wrestle her
Stabilized, she numb on the thighs
With that unexpected poke she took to the eyes
Flawless victory making peace on ya lips
With my two fingers in, riding in that whippington
Can't cease hitting it stick shift gone
Hazard lights on go any direction
Mike's gps will accept it but baby I'll perfect it
Back to the lab give you dap
Mix some portions now you're horny this is Rewind's lavatory

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