I'd rather break my neck than break my silence
You hold me at gun point with your words.
I'd rather shut up than try to fight this.
You act like you're deaf but I know that I've been heard.

I know you can't stomach this indecision, and I can't look you in the eyes.

If I fall down and try to make this work out for the best
Then you that I have paid attention.
And if I slow down and try to let you catch me where I am
But if this what you want I won't give in, I won't give in

Take my lungs out of my chest so I can gasp for air
Sheets around my neck, I drown in your remorse
Let I go and I'll be the one to digress
But we all know you can't blame anyone else for the mess you've made
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Fall Down Slow Down Lyrics

Reboot The Robot – Fall Down Slow Down Lyrics