Run to the terminal to kiss you goodbye
Walk you to the check point so you don't miss your flight
Head back to Baltimore and leave me at dia
This is what I can't stand, days like today

Take to the air and out of my arms
Where I can t keep you safe, I can't keep you harm
Head to the sky miles away
The sun dies in my skies and clouds turn gray

I'd drive myself home back to this hell
I miss your smile, I miss the way you smell
My hand in your hair is what I miss the most
So I crawl inside my hole and make love to your ghost

When you make it home give me a call
I miss you so damn much I have to race myself against the wall
I bury my head in my pillow tonight
Only 4 more month until your next flight
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Hearts In Baltimore Lyrics

Reboot The Robot – Hearts In Baltimore Lyrics