You live you life
For boys like me
And we are reckless.
We don't give a damn about anything
We're bad with emotions,
And even worse with commitment.
We are liars; We only care about
One thing.

And I could lie, and say
That I'm different.
That I care about love
And commitment.

But I'd rather be honest
For just one time.
I've grown sick of the lying.
Yeah, I'm tired of all the lies.
I'll disappoint you, like I
Disappoint myself.
There's no use in changing.
I'd rather be true to my self.
Cause I'm a boy, and that makes me
A liar, That makes me a liar.

You believe every word I say
And take it for truth.
And to be honest, I really envy you
Cause you have the heart
To tell the truth.
And let's be honest, we all know
That's something I could never do

And I could lie, and say that
I love you,
That a girl like you
Could make me want to change

I'm sorry for the words I said
I'm sorry for the lies I filled
In your head.
I didn't mean a word I said.
It just made more sense to me
To lie instead.
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I'm A Boy, I'm A Liar Lyrics

Reboot The Robot – I'm A Boy, I'm A Liar Lyrics