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Taken Away Lyrics

Reboot The Robot – Taken Away Lyrics

I'm tired of waiting for you
To see in me
What I've always seen in you.
I'm done with living my life
For someone that doesn't
Know how to choose.
I'm not just another to put
On your back burner.
Begging you to make up your mind.
I can do better than this
While you waste your life
With a loser, a guy named Mike.

I loved you more
Than I've ever loved in my life.
But I should have known that
Falling in love with you
Is like falling in love
With a double-sided knife
There's not enough
Words to express how I feel
No, there will never
Be enough words.

And I offered up solutions,
Anything to help uys out.
And you havd other motivations,
And now I know
What you're all about

So take me back to the day we met
And I'll burn it to the ground.
This is revenge for lovers lost,
This is me burying us in the ground
Shut your goddamn mouth,
I don't believe a word you say.
This is how it feels my dear
To have your one and only love just
Taken Away.
Oh, you've been taken away(x3)
I've lost you (x3)
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