There was a time when I was whole
When I had it all together
But that was long ago.
Now several years later
I still don't know any better.
I don't know how to let this go.
I've tried to keep myself
From breaking.
I've tried to keep my heart
From aching...
But these tears come back,
And grab me by the throat.
I wish that I was better.
I've just tried so hard
To forget it.
It's always here, even when I'm not

I am fine.
I'll make it on my own this time.
I'm better off alone.
I'm better off alone.

There was a time
When it all made sense...
When I was content.
But that was years ago.
I watched the world crash down
Around me.
I watched my friends go on
Without me
And leave me stranded and alone.
And I've been left
With next to nothing,
And I've been burdened to carry
Something... Something I don't truly
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Better Off Alone Lyrics

Reboot The Robot – Better Off Alone Lyrics