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Everytime I Lyrics

Pivot Gang – Everytime I Lyrics

(John Walt)
Every time John touch the stage, ladies show the most love
Every time John touch the stage, ladies show the most love
Every time John touch the stage, ladies show the most love
Touch the stage

I just wanna live
Topple the morning top in morning bueno días
Illegals are foreign dope was imported by a prius
Hybrid charged with ideas
No gas tho ashin diesel strong
On that grass like noble nombs
Stoned yo girl on mobile phone
Zoned i told them both go roam
Smacked them cheeks like home alone
Gave me no extra y's like chromosomes
Keep it southern not complex shit
Like a butter knife at breakfast
Out the jam
Toast my beverage with the fam
Its like everytime goddamn
(Joseph Chilliams + Saba)
You ain't never lied
Keep the windows down when I'm in my ride
And it's only one way to live life
(Live Life)
Everytime, Everytime, Everytime

(Joseph Chilliams)
Tell yo grandma keep that catheter full
If it’s running
Then i’m running
And I’m cumming
Like a leaky faucet spilling on her stomach
And my flow sound like i’m stunting
If I want it then I done it
And i’m sonning yall
While breaking the law like Robert Downey
When I’m bounty soft
Waiting for some ladies to surround me
And to crown me all the lotion and they panties off
Signing like a gang member
Yo wife wet like prince hair
Everytime I visit it’s like I already been there

(Saba + John Walt)
Everytime I (Everytime I) move
Everytime I (Everytime I) true
Everytime I (Everytime I) turn up
Everytime I (Everytime I) I do

I bet you never seen a teen do it
My name at the top like a marriage don’t it got a nice ring to it
And everytime time a nigga do a show don’t it feel like we touring
And got an album in the works but ya all still gotta wait for it
So don’t gimme no praise, gimme a pay check remember the name PIVOT GANG
Momma raised a bad little bastard
It’s us against everybody like capcom
Women want a nigga like I was Fanta
So fuck do you mean, I ain’t yo fantasy


(John Walt)
She say John,you consider the one
You don't be sitting a round
Dont you have no fun?
I'm getting hits like a bong
Toke a ton with the crew fuck else you want ?
The flame cause I spit that fire
Know you might let this pass by
Like ya week with no game
Rap for 10 years but ya weak with no gain
Down for the wi cause finesse my thang
You talking childish
Leave I doubt it
You ain't even kno
Yea we from the go
Trump so we ain't Finna fold
Fumble I pick up thy fam
See the guy cold got you saying god damn
And ode to the dudes in my clan
For keeping supply in demand
I'm thee man

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