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You Know Lyrics

Pivot Gang – You Know Lyrics

I’m blacking out
I’m walking funny
Talking but no words are coming out
And You Know
You Know

Joseph Chilliams
Must be the chloroform
My mom bore a norm then my aura formed
Yep look at me now
Someone wants to bring me down
So far they’ve been succesful
Kept low profile and caught me slipping like an ice skater
Dizzying the affects of success but
I was thinking new mexico
I can shoot a video and make it conceptual
But you
Beat me to the punches with cluthed fists
Left me in a pool of my own drool
Silly the fool guess spitting ain't cool
On the floor like doormats
Whapap to a duel

You know I keep it ten toes down
But it's Five at a time joker
Keeping it moving just surviving the spine pokers
Looking over my shoulder
Seeing that big chip I just let sit so I schoolch it over
And salute the holders of hostility
With a mims obscenity
On my minds fertility
Tryna produce a heap of loot in fine facilities
I keeps it bulletproof but peoples shoot
And shit my shines the enemy
I erb prefer sir I'm sure paranoid
But it rattles not a nerve
I concur without a scare deployed
In pocket is confidence keep it there to void
Their lack to latch on to raps acting so coy
Giving lemons I'm concoction mixing leaving out the sweet
After the hours took stil it's sour looks Everytime it's leaked
So I'm heading to the papers heading
Planning to never meet da feet
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