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500 Lyrics

Pivot Gang – 500 Lyrics

And I could see
The future the day
That we can walk it all the same
What We long for

And I could see
The future the day
That we can walk it all the same

My momma think
I cuss a lot (shit)
I'm from the bottom
But never worried bout what others got
My homie locked
That's the way it goes, shit
It's just the block
We just about
Proved every nigga wrong so whats to doubt
What's survi-val of the fittest
When the last niggas was pivot (uh)
Coming from the block of division your coffin is filled or a block in a prison a cop and a killer the same thing
Popping prescription a product of my environment and problem's we all from the same place
In an opposite gang
Calling it just how I see it
Economy last thing on my mind
But the first thing is currency
I'm currently
In need of finance freedom thinking flipping kilo wouldn't be a hard task
Natural hustler Huckleberry Finn I'm finna take off on y'all ass
I'm with my Niggas they politickers
I volunteer
Shine my light on the block I'm keeping it positive
Pray to God that I don't get shot on that PAC and big
Westside shit, it's best i live in caution


Hook [saba and mfnmelo]

And I just wanna live that's that goal
I'm chilling on my mans front porch
500 niggas dead round go
Stay patient elevated through the lows
Oh no I won't be broke for Long

They say motherfucking melo
What it look like
Well Shit what's a synonym for awesome
They say you keep it pivot g that's understood right
The clique that's my kin and them off Austin
Pivot I'm endorsing
She did it like an auction
Going once going twice
Third time I'm dancing
Stepping in the name of drug
MFN came with plug
My outlet got me so charged up
Man the county got my bruh
Free water that I thirst
Tell my mama that her seed on sprout
Tho these weeds stay round
Let me ease that doubt
Got a lil shine tho you see them clouds
May I weather thru this storm with the punch lines now
Pacquio how Im flowing know the champ stay down
Put it all on the canvas
Only Ls is transit
Transmit the land swift
Seldom in a panic
Calm cool demanding that check from the jump

-Bridge [John Walt]

Don't short your self
Be sure
And that will help u
Once you know

My fault
Your love that's all
I ask
If your opposed


[ w Hook]

Full speed chase in marked car
No stop for da law with out a license
Come to think
I could been a bit nicer
But I'm John the rightous
And I'll rather die
Then fall for the bull
Like I'm matador
But I'm at peace
Metta at my spot
I was in charge
Like a battery 2 mean
Fuck if you doubt
50- i could do with out it
& you kno ,I'm about it
Ill lay down a pallet
Let u see it all
Dancing dawg
Church on the move
Church N. few
They seem to be ready
For what we got waiting
Ready or not
Jimmy on way
You See Me olay .....on beat
To cover dat face
No lie
Pivot da squad from the chi
Taking over nation


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