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Daddy's Home Lyrics

Pivot Gang – Daddy's Home Lyrics

(Saba -Hook)
They ain’t bout it
How we bout it
They ain’t riding
Damn right it’s
Women round me
They all honored
If you not then you know you got to go

They ain’t bout it
How we bout it
They ain’t riding
Damn right it’s
Niggas round me
That’s my squadrant
PIVOT nigga you know the circle closed

(John Walt)
Walls locked Jericho
There he go there he go
Rocking an all white dego
Alright, pivot pivot
Let her go
I Never call
You ain't even edible
Or at a ball
Ball Point at a star ..uh
See my Milky Ways
Watch me pour a nigga cup
Like the Sippy days
I Can bring the mike back
Like the bibby days
Never question my math
Matter been then made
Do it for Marshall and the arts
Call it M and A
Never starve
Im a far from a fetal
Tackle a broad
I watch she fackle my penis
I pull a pack out my pocket
A pop it she get to fiening
Papi she call me dat but
They ain't bout it


John Walt [Bridge]

There he go ,There he go
Daddys home there he go
Caddys on deck tho
12 on them Bledsoe

There he go ,There he go
Daddys home there he go
Caddys on deck tho
Give no fuck where he go


I let them get it for the low like a stress reliever
Giving pain to my soles to be success reciever
I dare a motherfucker say he ain't bout it
Yo ho my ho shit she ain't doubt it
Our name gone grow still we ain't sprouted
Smoke that dope believe he en routed
To the T O P
Hell of condoms as I creep lik T L C
No love for the scrubs no Fasion
Fuck what they is on
Name a crew iller came for a few figures
Not no new nigga but this that hazing
Late night early morning get my days wrong
Top spot like a Thot Know we in that bitch
MFn pivot that Syndicate
Bout that action quick
Won't relax a bit
Like a laxative
Shit imminent squad

Tell her don’t talk, me and walt
Silent time with us, you can walk
Riding through the hood, watching for the boys
This the town, they hate you just because you brown
So the middle finger up
Niggas don’t know about it, they only lounging mad at my profound work
Find me with the fam like caliou
Yeah I’m with the ken nigga ryu
All a nigga spit be viral
I told you that I’m great, nigga how you?
Hey I’m Saba it’s nice to meet you
I’m bipolar I keep two
High chair I’m firing fecal
3K I tell em to be cool
You lil niggas don’t want bread if you don’t wanna learn
I’ll have my momma in a crib, she don’t gotta worry
On some nappy headed pimp shit no perm
And if PIVOT in the place bet it’s so turnt
I’ll have ya girl disappear and shit voila
Niggas know pivot ally swala
Like free the boy jimmy we generally on general shit
Them degenerates took a whole generation
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