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Plotting Lyrics

Pivot Gang – Plotting Lyrics

We Toast
We Coast
I can't say more than that
From the slum
We rose
But that ain't all we know
You can't tell?
That i dont get along like that
So i show with all my nigga
Cause i know they got my back

I'm just a nigga that's plotting
Pivot surely on location
I got imperial moxy
Doing this purely off hatred
Of low times so I throw a lil pot
High hopes nigga know he gone make it
Westside like a nigga that's bopping(UH)
I hit the forties on occasion
Crack the seal let it spill to the pavement
For anybody that died Jo
Let me tell you what I ride for
My nigga my figures
Go getter out the chi Jo
Life's a bitch and I treat her like the others
You know stick and move
I was chose you know bitches choose
Daddys home motherfucker get ya view
Blood sucking v neck screaming motherfuck ya crew
I put that on my mama
Like my upbringing
And it sucks feigning for that rush
When you know you keep hits in the cut
Tracks up ya sleeve in such disgust
Yeah we know we sho
But I can't say more than that
Yeah we probe the go
But there's more space on the map


Ima have MFN fit
If I can't get high
Get prepared for a downfall
I culd take your Danzal
Then.. I kick it up notch'
One mic and I'm nas
So it's necessary
That every letter in every line was legendary
Essence to marry Mary
That Medical matter fact
Offer them clarity
Charity rhymes for rappers
Clearing these bars
Especially for next one

To over look me ,I dare
What more, you want me to say
Hip hop it want me to stay
Dey see the purest
When on the wire_ I'm bowdee
Ready for battle
Less chatter more tourin
My niggas been onnit
Hit corners swift hornets
Stockton like da pips
You lackin of opposite bitch

Joseph Chilliams

She chose me gotta nigga feeling like a hebrew
Pivot’ll stomp you like e2
Then ride off on a muthafucking emu
Let me in the game
And I'mma fuck it up like a benchwarmer
I ain't even playing
Don’t test me like a dumb nigga
My legs broke I don’t even know how to run nigga
Plotting with nothing but family
We use jimmy’s we don’t believe in plan b
Waiting for chicago to crown me
Prince joseph olamakandi
About to shave my pubes like ludacris
And then beat my dick like a pugilist
Until it stands up
Pivot is the clan in demand bra
What you plan for
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