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Manipulated Reality Lyrics

Overdose – Manipulated Reality Lyrics

Network commands guiding all of my thoughts-my will-my needs
Locked inside this world, I cannot even move before the tv

I can't stop watching all this trash
For this I live-without this I die

Another slave is captured by the screen
In each commercial appeal that's on tv showed
But I don't know how to get out of all this
My whole life is controlled by this old machine

They say how I must dress
They say how I must see and think
Just like a serf you have been living
It is a shelter for cowardice and fear
Induced by your illusions I do whatever you please-I need it
Just cause you have your thoughts and your
Hands tied by the fake reality you see and read

I cannot understand why it's really going on
My weakness and my indifference can't be overcome

I've been fooled by the news
Controverted, empty news

A television slaughter I've been suffering
What I've been hearing and seeing is not real
I can't swallow anymore of these cruel lies
But I can't turn my words into attitudes

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