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My Rage Lyrics

Overdose – My Rage Lyrics

Rageful thoughts invade my mind
Every time I see a crime
Besides me or my tv
I feel hate corroding me
A real intention of killing
A strong will to see them bleeding
The politicians are stealing
The money I'm contributing

I can't understand so much money spent on these punks
So that they can't represent themselves inside the congress

My revolt's proportional to the stolen amount
And the people have been quiet until now

Stupid part of my generation
They absorb wrong information
It's really a shame but it's the rule of the game
They got no power-they got no strength
Decadent generation
They obey the corporations
What about the power of thinking
What is that? They keep asking me

The faith of the poor is led by the brain washers-owners of the world
Filling their minds with lies-stealing their dreams of heaven

What about the health care we all get
I don't even want to talk about that

Racism became a norm in our lives
And we cannot see how absurd it is-how sad our future will be

Our anger must be used to restrain
The state of chaos in force in this selfish system
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