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School Lyrics

Overdose – School Lyrics

Shut up! Sit down you fool!
Welcome to school
You've got an empty mind - I'll fill it up
I've got the knowledge they passed me
Listen to the words I will throw up

Open your books and close your minds
Swallow the history written by the elite
Full of lies and contradictions
To maintain the system and the upper class

You must not understand
Just know everything by heart
Forget all your doubts
I will wash your brain up

In this old school my friend you'll only learn
How to be a worm in the land of words

Can you say you want a better world to live?
If you don't care what the children learn at school
Can you say you want a better world to live?
If the future depends on what they learn today

The way the teacher teach makes us feel bored
The study that should be a pleasure becomes monotony
School should be a nice place to be
But their repressive rules makes us feel in jail

Tests and grades are not a good way
To test how much we know
Just kill our intelligence
Destroy our creativity



Listen to me my master I want to learn
But not to learn by rote I want to think

Now I want a school of truth
Without hypocrisy class
No lies no brainwashing
I want more than that cause...


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