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Profit Lyrics

Overdose – Profit Lyrics

See that beggar sittin' there
All alone, a solitaire
But some day, one day
He was a rich man

Hazy eyes, his mind runs fast
To remind him of the past
Some day, one day
He was a millionaire

You were born with a silver spoon
And they taught you everything they knew
"hey son, c'mon! Kiss your daddy and get your greenie
Oh, what a profitable childhood!

You made it once now you want it twice
You heart of stone, stone cold as ice
You only lived for a profit (profit)
You always gambled with your life
You took the chance, now you pay the price
You only lived for a profit (profit)

You were the king as you paid you ruled
An empire built with the faith of fools
But some day, one day
You knew you had to loose

Your lying words were somebody's truth
And your full pockets were another's food
Now today's the day
The time has come for you

Yeah, it has come for you to pay your debts
And now you know they're not few
Hey you, you fool! The wheel of fortune rolled
Fast against you
Now you'll die hungry and poor

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