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Strangers In Our Own Land Lyrics

Overdose – Strangers In Our Own Land Lyrics

Raising our hands
We dance for our Gods
And say
An old prayer
Crying once again
Still we are strangers in our own land

One day
You crossed the blue water
Coming from nowhere
From distant lands
Saying words to me so strange
We thought you were friends

The white man came
Brought us pain
With anger in their hearts
Spreading fear
Blood and tears
Tearin' our souls apart


We ran away
Hiding from your big weapons
Trying to escape
It was too late
We were too sick and tired
Almost dying

White man lied
My people cried
We could hear the deadly sounds
Invaded lands
Greedy hands
Rotting our sacred ground


Today the same tale is still goin' on
They said they'd take our land away
So it's done
But now my heart is buried in my land
I'm running through the mountains
I'm riding on the wind

[Chorus (x2)]
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