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Pharmacist Lyrics

NOLANBEROLLIN – Pharmacist Lyrics

I'm hold the Glock like a G is suppose to
Let off 30 shots like a G is suppose to
I'm a walking lick, I'm a walking clip
I'm a walking script... Pharmacist
VA nigga never been to the six
Call me loose spells cause i been wit the shits
Glock ain't a myth, Glock is equipped, Glock rubber grip
Burberry sofa, GAP on my scarf
Need a whole cap gonna ship it like some bars
Facts Dior affection, niggas tellin' lies
Drop top Toyota and the doors are suicide
Sold my sold to the devil for a Glock
Sold my sold to the devil for a Glock
Sold my sold to the devil for a Glock
Raining outside but ima still chop the top
Snowin outside ima still get the guap
Waltz outside ima stay in the house
Im in the middle call me mid
Bout to close the trap call me lit
Spray with the black call me squid
I am not a kid, drugs gettin ripped
Wash, Rinse, Repeat, I am unique
Niggas stealin swag, Control+Alt+Del
I'm the bean man y'all are just adolescents
I am perfection, you are peasants
Jid is depressive, very unpleasant
Glock on the hat bro, you know i got a weapon
Glock on the GAP bro, you know i ain't stressin
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