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Memory Card Lyrics

NOLANBEROLLIN – Memory Card Lyrics


Nigga get the fuck on Get no placement
Face shit
Got a new bitch
She ain’t basic, changed that
If you want a verse
I need payment, no cap
Green Face Green face
Thumbing through these old racks
Living getting stepped on
Like I was a doormat
Niggas took my old style
Had to change the format
See you little niggas sleeping on me boy I hate it
Who’s the competition I be racing with the faces
Take a blunt and face it
Scene hoes think I made it
I can’t cool with niggas they be acting like I’m famous
30 round me down I got a stain it’s in my draws boy
If you want a problem like a skater we can pop boy


Hella Xans on me I’m a damn bartender
Gstar jeans got me walking like a ninja
With the bands selling milligrams like a vender (ay)
Off the drank drop my damn stick, i yell timber
Niggas pussy and they got the stick, transgender
All this gap on my body it’s because I’m a member
30 in my drank drop a deuce in the blender
I got futuristic bands shoot you round call me bender
Honda with no ceiling
Do you know this feeling
I’m a super villain
I be super pilling
Niggas want my swag are you PayPal ready
Keep my nine hand steady
I be jugging like I’m Eddy
Serve a million milligrams
I’m the bean man
I don’t need no damn plan
Wrap it in Saran
Playing with the fucking bands
Call of duty clan


Posted with my shooter man
He’ll do you man
2 sticks feel like dirty dan
Finna gang it down
Take you out
Lift it up
Break it down
Wrap it up
Acting tough get it out
Bitches show the speed round
Soda in me sinning now
Sad because we winning now
I can’t stand on my two feet
Stomach throbbing still gon eat
We got poles you don’t want beef (5) transcripted by @brandoxantana
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