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Zombies! Lyrics

NOLANBEROLLIN – Zombies! Lyrics

(all these bitches stupid, all these bitches stupid, all these bitches...)
I don't flirt, put the bean in a damn in a damn yogurt
Put the bean in the motherfuckin Gogurt
Pop-Tart swag when I wake up, when I wake up

Pull up to the trap, you ain't got a clue
Pull up to the car meet, and I'm on them blues
Blue xan, blue perc, what's the move?
And I got them books like I'm Dr. Seuss
Paper in my book like I'm Dr. Seuss
Four-door whip, ain't a fucking coupe
SSL, damn all ya'll niggas knew
Call of Duty numbers, did y'all niggas knew?
She gon blow me like a fuse
Started poker on my Pokemon and she gon choose
I don't drink the booze
Bitch I'm on a cruise
Highlight, Hi Chew
Got a paper, news
Tryna test my clan, you gon fuckin lose
Tryna take my swag, bitch I'm not amused
Cock-a-doodle doo, I'm a fuckin roo...ster
Cock on the Glock, you might lose
I ain't gonna hit that bitch, that pussy I abuse
I'm the bomb, Search and Destroy, who gon defuse?
All these niggas comments is like reviews
Tellin me I'm the GOAT, I'm a kangaroo
Got them beans in my pouch, but that's old news
I'm a sea otter nigga, in aquarium (SEAWORLD!)
You can't fuck with me because you scared of him (you scared)
Who is him? That's me, two Glocks on me
Better revive me, I'm down like it's zombies
Mix the G-Star with the Gap, no Abercrombie
If you talk shit about me, tell my mommy (yeah, woah)
Downshift, you can't find me
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