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Yall get it straight off the boat
I get it straight off the web
Jordans black and red, cuz I need my fucking bread
Hollow tips cuz you got a hard head
No sights think its broke, that nigga misled
Mechanical pencil cuz I'm walking with some lead
Underage girls all you niggas go to bed
Retirement home, we all walkin' with sticks
I'm a suburb nigga but I need a hood bitch
You want your shit back
You want some shit packed
Just cooked a fresh batch
3000 Xan-ax (Xanax)
And yeah I won't tap
Cuz they got Fentanyl
I ball like Chris Paul
It ain't no recall
At the beach I see a Z, I'm on a Z-saw
You want a piece cuz nobody would be yall
My ex had virus had to fuck around and uninstall
Don't use a Pyrex I got milligrams for it all
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