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Aye, don't do that, don't do that
Put it down, now pick it up! (woah)
Don't, don't fuckin' do it!

[Verse 1]
Call me USA
I'ma sell the gas
Pull up in a Honda, have you runnin' like the Flash
Damn, I got a foreign, all these horses in my car
You ain't up to par, Mufasa to a Scar
If I pop my trunk, it's a fucking gun show
I'm in Idaho, I might buy a hoe (don't do it)
Niggas want a verse, I don't hear the money
Snow no bunny, fish, no gummy
Glock in ya halo, no Bungie
Beans out the country, beans I'm a junkie
Servin at the mall in my green Gap jacket
Old man glasses, I am not harassin'
Niggas stealing swag, had to update the version
Pop half an oxy, feelin' like a new person
You are just a burden, beanman surgeon
Tryin' to re-up, beanman excursion
For certain, I am workin', phone twerkin', closed curtain
What the lick read, I ain't talkin' bout' the bourbon
Makin' new pills, I am at the lab (SHIT!)
Run off with the work, just put it on my tab (don't do it)


[Verse 2]
The plug hit me up at like 8AM
He's caucasian
I chill with asians
Seperate the pills, call it filtration
I don't sell the pills, bitch I donate em'
50 white slaves on the plantation
I been sellin' mid at ya' local gas station
Half an addy, half a xan, new sensation
Dropped out of school, fuck a graduation
40 years old, face clean shaven
If I be stealin' swag, I'ma need my citation
She be askin' me what's my occupation
Bitch I'm occupied with bein' on vacation
Pawn shop with my main bitch
I'm a nerd but I'm thuggin' with a stainless
Credit card numbers in my room
Call it matrix
Lowkey cause' I don't wanna be famous
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